Monday, August 15, 2005

Not again.

Today is the Feast of the Assumption.

Friday afternoon I had an endoscopy. Dr Kumar dilated one of my valves and took a biopsy. He, also, found no new cancer.

I was dosed with a cocktail of versad and demarol for the procedure. Afterwards, I was pretty spaced out and went to bed early.

On Saturday morning I started experiencing some sharp abdominal pain. The gastroenterologist on call, Dr. Farrell, directed me to go to the emergency room. His concern was the possiblity that the dilation had torn the valve, and he wanted me to get an x-ray to check for "free air" - bubbles loose in my abdominal cavity but outside of the digestive track.

I spent most of the day in the emergency room. The pain ebbed and flowed throughout the day. The ER doctor, Dr. Powell, examined me and said that I'd be a lot sicker if I'd had a tear, but he ordered an x-ray anyway. The x-ray showed nothing wrong. In fact, by the time I left, the pain had ebbed completely and has only been back once, for a very brief time.

My brother Dan met me at the emergency room and spent the day with me. Toward the end of my time there, Judy arrived, having found a friend to come to the house and stay with the kids.

There's a lot to be glad about - I didn't have a tear, no new cancer, a good day on Sunday. Still my apprehension is refreshed, even by the bullets I dodge. Not only am I impatient with the pace of my recovery, but I'm fearful of moving backwards.


Blogger Jen Curtis said...

I started a blog just so I could respond to an entry!

After even a simple surgical procedure (having my wisdom teeth out), I can understand what impatience to get back to one's life feels like. Chris and I haven't been to the pub in a bit because of our wisdom teeth extractions (yes, we both had to do it this month), but we hope to return this Thursday or the next.

Also, despite my recent hobby of pet-sitting, I was quite the babysitter in high school and college. If you ever need an emergency friend to stay with the kids, I'm always happy too. I work normal day hours, but can help out most evenings. If having one more number to call means Judy can get to the hospital quicker, then I'd like to help.

Chris's and my thoughts are speeding you to a quick recovery as always . . .

8:13 PM  

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