Tuesday, March 01, 2005

More progress.

I just met with Dr. Parker. After exchanging mutual compliments on my medical progress, and some unrelated chat concerning Irish movies, we moved onto the critical "what next" issues, to wit:

  1. Chest drainage tubes - like having chuncks of hollow broomstick wedged into my chest - theses will likely, probably comeout tomorrow.This is generally executed by the surgeon.
  2. Diet - we're jumping from "popsicles and ice chips" over "clear liquids" right to "full liquid" tomorrow. Somewhat benightedly, this does no include Guinness.
  3. Abdominal feeding tube - stays in for a while longer.
  4. Urinary catheter - likely will come out same day or day after chest drainaige tubes.


Blogger Jenn said...

Catheter? You are a brave man.


8:46 PM  
Blogger UisceBaGirl said...


That's a lot of stuff you have going on. It does not sound remotely fun except for the possibility of making progress towards that elusive Guinness.

Maybe you should tell your doctors that Guinness is like a sandwich in a glass... didn't they used to prescribe it for the pregnant and the sick due to the high iron content?

Well, okay, there's that alcohol content issue. But Guinness is just another drug delivery system. I'm sure they are giving you other drug therapies!

11:02 PM  
Blogger Jim Kibler said...


That we are absolutely thrilled and incredibly proud says it all. Way to go, man! I'll spring for the Guinness as soon as the doc says OK.

Jim Kibler

8:23 AM  
Blogger vkenny said...

Hi Jimmy, Keep your eye on the prize that fist glass of Guinness
wii be like liquid gold and we cant wait until that first sip
goes down. Keep the checklist updated for us and let us know as each foreign thing is removed from your body. We look forward to the day when you are whole & complete
once again.

8:27 AM  
Blogger Karen Davis said...

We are SO glad to see the stream of good news continue. Keep it up!!! Karen and Greg

8:51 AM  
Blogger Drew said...


11:15 AM  
Blogger Micah said...

Jim, congratulations on beginning your exit from the Borg portion of your life! I look forward to seeing you again soon -- and I'll be happy to buy you a Guinness as soon as they put you back on solid foods.

1:55 PM  
Blogger Kita28 said...

Jim -

Sounds like great progress. It's nice to "hear" your voice.

I don't know about Guiness, but you could do what my cousin in the ICU did. He was on heavy-duty pain medication that made him extremely loopy (do you know about that?) The other day he told my uncle that, although he had not had a smoke for 12 days, he had had a drink; he said that my cousin Elizabeth had brought bourbon in from home and fed it to him intravenously! Who knows, it might be worth a shot, and you do still have the stomach tube....

Keeping love and prayers flowing your way,


4:42 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

So great to see you back, Jim! I hope you'll see the last of those tubes pronto and be back to the Guinness soon.

5:22 PM  

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