Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Better every day.

I finished chemo two weeks ago today, and radiation two weeks ago yesterday. Everyday I'm feeling a little better. I'm sleeping well and eating well.

Yesterday and today I spent some time in my office. I went through more than a thousand e-mail messages. On Monday, I went to a legislative reception and dinner and saw a lot of old friends. I'm planning to go to the pub tomorrow night and to join the band for the first set.

I still tire easily, and I get light-headed a lot. The esophagitis is improving, and swallowing has gotten a lot easier. I have visible (just barely) white hair on my head.

I remain very eager to get surgery scheduled, the sooner the better.


Blogger Micah said...

Congratulations, Jim! You sound like you're doing better every day. I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night!

1:11 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...


This is very good. Very good. Yay!


6:30 PM  
Blogger vkenny said...

Hi Jimmy, Great news I'm so glad to hear your feeling so much better and getting to do more every day. Keep fighting the good fight!

8:45 AM  
Blogger Tom Wolf said...

Wonderful! Hope to see you tonight.


9:39 AM  
Blogger John D. Sharer said...

Jim: I'm glad you're feeling somewhat better and were able to spend some time in the office and attend the legislative reception. I look forward to your return to work full time, and in great health, so we can be "gentlemanly adversaries" again. You are in my thoughts and prayers. John.

5:49 PM  
Blogger UisceBaGirl said...

It was terrific to see you performing with the band for the first set! Continue to mend.

Last night you led, as a prelude to Finnigan's Wake, a chorus of "Everything's gonna be all right". May this song rise like a prayer to the ears of our Maker.

10:21 PM  

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