Sunday, November 28, 2004


Today, Sunday, was a quiet day.

We went to 11:00 mass. In the afternoon, Seamus and I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark while Judy took the girls to "All Fired Up", a place where you can paint ceramics, they'll fire them for you, and you pick them up in a few days.

Tomorrow will be busier. I have an appointment with my radiation oncologist at 10 and my oncologist at 3:30. Also, the needle access to my port-a-cath needs to be changed, so I'll have to meet one of the home health care nurses at home at some point. Not sure I'll make it to the office, but we'll see.

The last time it was changed, the nurse told me how I could remove the old needle myself. The plan, if I don't chicken out, is to take out the needle after my IV tomorrow morning so I can have a real shower, totally soaked. Then the nurse can put in a new one later in the day.

God, I want a good soaking.

I seem to have some hair growing in (at least for now). I have to decide whether to keep shaving my head, or just let it be for a while. The next round of chemo may well finish it off either way.


Blogger Jenn said...

Hey there!

If you need any help removing the needle, let me know. I've taken em out a number of times. I can come at any time. Just call my cell and let me know!


8:32 PM  
Blogger UisceBaGirl said...


After a long vacation from work and computers and the internet and email, I'm catching up on all that I've missed, especially your blog. I'm heartened to see how many posts there are since I last read, and grateful to have the news of you and yours.

The note about your sleeping in a hat brought to mind the image usually evoked by the poetry of "The Night before Christmas" where back in the days before central heating (and regular bathing, and hot water) the characters were likely to be wearing a head covering each night to bed. How does it go: "Ma in her kerchief and I in my cap, had just settled down for a long winter's nap"?

6:30 AM  
Blogger Karen Davis said...

Hi Jim - I say shave. Bald is beautiful.....

Good luck with your appointments today and thanks for keeping all of us updated. Karen

8:52 AM  

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