Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The made for TV movie of my courageous battle with cancer

Judy asked one of the oncology nurses if it would be too incredible in a made for TV movie if the protagonist started chemo and radiation on his fortieth birthday. It does seem just a little bit too pat, but that's the new plan.

Today, we met with Dr. Evers again to refine the plan, and our understanding of it.

I've got some kind of an unrelated infection or virus (flu, maybe?) and my fever is vacillating between 99 and 103. We're going to try a few days on antibiotics to knock this out. I had been of two minds about waiting. On the one hand, I do want to be able to muster my full powers to withstand the chemo and radiation. On the other hand, I already feel like hell, and concurrent sentences are generally preferable to consecutive ones. Dr. Evers resolved my ambivalence in favor of waiting until Monday.

This actually helps with the coordination of the radiation and chemo, anyway.

We met with Dr. George Trivette, the radiation oncologist, for the first time this afternoon. Like our other doctors, he strikes as as tops in his field.

Here's the plan

  • Week 1 - Radiation 2x daily plus three types of chemo daily.
  • Weeks 2-4 Radiation daily
  • Week 5 repeat week one.
  • Then some time to let the chemo and radiation steep, and me to recover.
  • Then, maybe late January or early February (or possibly later) I get my esophagas removed.

Looks like a winner.

Here's some additional good news. The pet scan show no additional cancer.

Tomorrow I get yet another cat scan. Then off on Friday and Saturday. Sunday I take some massive steroids (to get "pumped up" for the chemo, I guess).

The REALLY good news: Dr. Evers says that if I feel like it, I can occasionally have a half pint of Guinness during my treatment!!!!! Sociaaaal!!!!

If I feel up to it at the end of day one, we'll go to Rare Olde Times to celebrate my fortieth birthday. While not an Irish castle, it's one of my favorite places in the world. Stop by if you feel like it.

PS: Here's the casting we're thinking of:

  • Me - Liam Neeson
  • Judy - Gwenyth Paltrow
  • My dad - Sean Connery
  • My brother Dan - Gabriel Beirne
  • My brother Tim - hmmm, we still have some work to do on this.

But we're definitely committed to the Liam Neeson/Gwenyth Paltrow thing.


Blogger marian said...

Hi Jim! It's Marian. I just heard about this today, and wanted to express my sympathy and support.

As I was reading over your posts, it occurred to me that if I had ever for some reason been forced to imagine you having a life-threating disease, this is exactly how I would imagine you handling it - with courage, determination, and humor.

Excellent posts. Thank you for sharing with us! We'll be thinking of you all.

8:40 PM  
Blogger Karen Davis said...

Hello Jim - please know that you're not alone. So many people love you and are praying for you and your family. I so admire your honesty, faith, determination and humor in dealing with this situation. You and Judy are often in my thoughts these days and I will continue to send positive thoughts your way. If there's anything I can do to help you out during this difficult time (whether with work, the kids, etc.) please don't hesitiate to ask. And by the way - I believe in fairies. I do! I do!! Karen

1:42 PM  
Blogger UisceBaGirl said...

Jim & Judy:

The 'original cast' of the Guy family is in my prayers.

In the face of such news, what a great idea to start the Blog to keep us all informed as you progress. Those of us who are friends, neighbors, and Uisce Beatha fans are anxious to know how you are doing and what we can do to help.

If real life insists on being so dramatic, you may as well go for the made-for-TV movie idea with a fabulous cast. I would hope they'd have the sense to use a 'sound track' with the original Uisce Beatha musicians. I'm also hoping for a 'made for TV' type of plot in the course of your real-life events, where miracles occur and all the loose ends are nicely tied up in two hours' worth of footage. Would it be too much to hope for a cameo appearance by that Irish girl from 'Touched by an Angel'? Or maybe the guy from the TV show 'Highlander' (perhaps in a Jim Guy 'dream sequence'?)?

With much care and concern,


1:53 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

I always thought Jennifer Garner when I see Judy though. Anyhoo, it's your movie!


3:36 PM  

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